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Plastic Film
(CPE   &  CPP)

Whether you need a plastic film for wrapping and protecting your pallet or packaging your food product, Baroudi Co. has the right solution for you. We produce 3-layer cast Polyethylene and cast polypropylene films on the same production line using the latest European Casting technology.

CPE/stretch Film
We offer stretch film made of LLDPE for both manual and automatic applications. Our stretch film guarantees transparent appearance, material savings and high durability for optimum protection of pallets.

CPP Film

Baroudi Co. offers general and metallized cast-polypropylene (CPP) to be used in food and non-food packaging. Our printable high-gloss film exhibits high tear and puncture resistance, high speed runnability and is suited for metallization. Applications include: food packaging, lamination film, candy wraps, floral wraps, etc.

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